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This plant could not be more appropriately named given its monstrous size and its spaced out, narcotic-like high. This indica-dominant strain by MTG Seeds is a grower’s dream with large yields and effects that will have users happily drifting off to sleep after just a puff or two. Space Monster is a powerful cross between Nebula and Purple People Eater and offers users an intense high that is not for the faint of heart.

Dense purple and deep green hues are only part of the appeal of these giant nugs. The stinky plant is covered in sticky sweet resin and tastes of dank grass and sweet herbs. The smell is much the same with overtones of dankness and rich undertones of herbs and sugar. The THC of this strain stays pretty consistent at around 30% which guarantees a heady high that will zip you through the universe without much effort.

Space Monster is a fierce high that begins squarely between the eyes, relieving pressure and relaxing the muscles into a full-on sedation. This is a quick-moving high that will overtake your senses and ease you out of the stresses of the day. This strain tends to be slightly introverted, so be prepared to dive deep into your mind’s eye and take some serious alone time within your own head. The natural narcotic-like sedation of this strain will have you completely couch locked within moments. That is, of course, if you can manage to stay awake long enough to be locked in.Because of this extra strong bud’s ability to naturally sedate the user, it is turned to for a myriad of purposes. The first and probably best example is its use in the treatment of insomnia. This highly sedative strain is perfect for any ailment wherein even a mild tranquilizer would be helpful. This includes pain, stress, cramps, headaches, and mild to moderate depression.

Whatever experience level you may be as a smoker, this plant will be startlingly pleasant as a gardener. This easy to grow, high yielding strain will flourish both indoors and out, though indoors is by far the better route. It will stand quite tall if left to its own devices, but for those who need to maximize small spaces, this could be exactly the plant you are looking for. The flowering time is around 8 to 9 weeks or early October if you happen to grow in the great outdoors.

Ride on a wave through the Milky Way and enjoy a night of deep sleep unparalleled by natural patterns. This powerful strain is definitely a nighttime toke perfect for the person looking for a break from restlessness or chronic pain. Between the flavors and effects, the experienced smoker will be quite happy they reached for Space Monster.

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